Baker Lang: a glorious knitted ode to a well-loved cat

The full Baker Lang swatch in all her 53" glory! the swatch is photographed against a white wall, with the shadows of some railings casting shadows on the gorgeous shapes and patterns Lauren Leigh found through looking at her cat

Yesterday I shared some of the ways in which online teaching opens up possibilities for lovely long learning experiences. Realising the enormous advantages of teaching online has informed my decision to only teach The KNITSONIK System in this format, from now on. Today I thought you might appreciate hearing what this can look like from […]

A square for Bobby Baker

I so enjoyed reading Kate’s account of designing a square for Adrienne Rich for our blanket. The poem she describes – An Atlas of The Difficult World – is one of many amazing works to which Kate introduced me through this project. If you are thinking about designing your own blanket with other people, I […]


Following the KNITSONIK blog post series on swatching I have been thinking about the next KNITSONIK swatch-a-long. I’ve made no secret of my love for THE SWATCH! But I also sympathise with comrades wishing to WEAR the results of any time spent knitting. And I am thrilled every time a new project turns up on […]

Yarn costs and swatching

Today concludes my series on swatching with some words about yarn costs. I shall reflect on yarn costs connected with swatching using the KNITSONIK system. You can browse the earlier installments of this series at your leisure; there are some wonderful comments that are really worth reading. I hope you have enjoyed the series! On […]

Is swatching indulgent?

Following on from yesterday’s post about barriers to swatching today I want to address this idea: It is indulgent to swatch creatively rather than to spend that time making wearable garments Creative practice is often viewed as an indulgence. But why is this? Why are practical skills that artists spend decades acquiring through art college, […]

Money, Time and Swatching

It’s been really interesting to read your comments about money, time and swatching. For some of you these present the biggest barriers to making KNITSONIK-style colourwork swatches. Reading your comments reveals the following fears of swatching: it will take too much time it will be indulgent to swatch creatively rather than to be productively making […]

Reasons for swatching

Following yesterday’s post on swatching and your thoughtful comments, today I am reflecting on why we swatch. Reason no. 1: checking your gauge before knitting a garment A gauge swatch is normally worked prior to knitting a garment. If your gauge (sts and rows per inch) does not match that specified in your knitting pattern, […]

On swatching: have your say!

At Woolfest the weekend before last I found myself feeling profoundly grateful to my swatches. For those of you unsure of what I’m on about, I mean the fringed, knitted rectangles that I produced in the course of writing the KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook. Each one is a kind of case-study for The KNITSONIK System […]