KNITSONIK Shetland Wool Week Classes – FAQ

I can’t believe how near we are to Shetland Wool Week! This is one of the highlights of the year – a fantastic celebration of wool and knitting in Shetland, where we all have the opportunity to meet Shetland’s amazing knitters, to learn about Shetland’s amazing textile traditions, and of course to do lots of […]

Meet Bev and her glorious stranded colourwork

Following on from the recent Q&A with Yumi, today I want to introduce you to another online friend whose beautiful work I felt you all should see! I discovered Bev’s work some time last year through our mutual interest in stranded colourwork, and have wanted to share her work with you for a while. Her […]

Yumi’s swatches

One of my favourite things about teaching The KNITSONIK System is watching how differently people see the world and translate it into stranded colourwork. Everybody perceives the world from the unique vantage point of being them. If you show a room full of knitters a single inspiration source and then hand over some squared paper […]

Coming to the end of the second print run of KNITSONIK

Greetings, Comrades. Exactly one year ago, this happened. Now, thanks to all of you who have bought the book, stocked the book and told your friends about the book, stocks are running slightly low. The book has sold steadily since its first print run in October 2014. Happily, people are still citing it as a […]

Reasons for swatching

Following yesterday’s post on swatching and your thoughtful comments, today I am reflecting on why we swatch. Reason no. 1: checking your gauge before knitting a garment A gauge swatch is normally worked prior to knitting a garment. If your gauge (sts and rows per inch) does not match that specified in your knitting pattern, […]


Some of you may remember #knitsonikpomegranates – this was a virtual swatch-a-long: folks wishing to explore the KNITSONIK system with some friendly online comrades embarked on a mission to celebrate THE POMEGRANATE in stranded colourwork with gloriously varied and exciting results. We each organised our own yarns and images, began drawing patterns from our pomegranates, […]

KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook now on sale

The KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook is now available to buy directly from me through my online shop. The KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook First published in 2014 by KNITSONIK ISBN: 978-0-9930415-0-1 © Felicity Ford Author & Artist: Felicity Ford Art & Production Manager: Nic Blackmore Photographer: Fergus Ford Editor: Kate Davies Technical Editor: Tom van Deijnen […]

The KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook Kickstarter Campaign!

Thank you all for your fantastic messages in my last post. Reading your notes and texts and messages and emails has made me feel really great about What Comes Next in my creative and professional life! So… what does come next? The short version is this: I want to make a beautiful knitting book which […]