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Team Yarningham - from left to right, Venetia Headlam, Helen Winnicott, Sara Fowles and Lilith Winnicottleft to right:

Today I want to talk to you about an exciting Kickstarter campaign launched by the creators of Yarningham who are, from left to right in this picture, Venetia Headlam, Helen Winnicott, Sara Fowles and Lilith Winnicott. Yarningham is the UK’s only Black-led fibre festival, and the team behind this event are raising funds to produce […]

Karie Westermann and This Thing of Paper

Hello! As promised yesterday, today I have Karie Westermann here on the KNITSONIK blog speaking about her forthcoming tome, This Thing of Paper. In case you have not heard about This Thing of Paper, it is a knitting book inspired by Johannes Gutenberg and his invention of the printing press. Karie has been working with […]

Thoughts on self-publishing and crowd-funding

Tomorrow I’m welcoming Karie Westermann to the KNITSONIK blog for a Q&A about her wondrous forthcoming book, This Thing of Paper. This Thing of Paper is to be a self-published collection of knitting patterns with accompanying essays and it takes its inspiration from Johannes Gutenberg and the invention of the printing press. This book project […]

KNITSONIK 08 – The Turbo Thank You Episode

Welcome back to the KNITSONIK podcast after a very long hiatus! 🙂 This one is nearly TWO HOURS LONG, so I have split it into two sections and you will need TEA. You can use the players below or download the files directly from internet archive here. This episode of the podcast is dedicated to […]

The KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook Kickstarter Campaign!

Thank you all for your fantastic messages in my last post. Reading your notes and texts and messages and emails has made me feel really great about What Comes Next in my creative and professional life! So… what does come next? The short version is this: I want to make a beautiful knitting book which […]

KNITSONIK has Schemes

Hiya, comrades! I have a throat infection which is preventing me from podcasting just now. Rest assured though, as soon as my pipes are mended I shall be back here, transmitting knitting + wool + sounds! However, aside from the annoying cold, there’s been rather a lot else going on… A festival… Podcasting… Knitting… Mainly, […]