This is my Shetland Wool Week Song, due for release November 2014, on the forthcoming album, The KNITSONIK Audible Textures Resource.

You can subscribe to the KNITSONIK podcast on iTunes via this link.

KNITSONIK is also on SOUNDCLOUD as FelicityVFord;

You can see the in-progress soundmap of sounds relating to the wool industry here on the aporee map.


Listening station feat. hand-knitted headphones and audio relating to textiles. First presented at Prick Your Finger during the KNITSONIK residency, May 2011

1 thought on “Listen

  1. Hi,

    yesterday I was watching the fruityknitting podcast with your interview; just now I’m listening to your sound recordings and an idea came to my mind.
    What if you would do a medley, sort of a sound documentary of wool from sheep to sweater.
    This sound pieces you recorded are so informativ and meditativ at the same time, that I think a longer version would be like a movie in the head and a totally new form of media.
    Excuse my maybe a bit uncommon english – I am german.

    Thank you for inspiring me an for your lovely shetland wool week song

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