Since 2014, Felicity Ford has entered the world of self-publishing, surrounded by an incredible team. 447 Kickstarter backers enabled the publication of the first book, the KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook, in 2014. Continuously in print since then, it’s now in its third print run. In 2018, a sequel – well two sequels, really – were published with the launch of the KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Playbook and the KNITSONIK Playbook Colouring Companion.

You can buy these books at and learn more about the amazing team behind their production below.

KNITSONIK Books Production Team

Author & Artist Felicity Ford AKA Felix
No. 1 Comrade & Muse Mark Stanley
Art & Production Manager Nic Blackmore
Photographer Fergus Ford
Editor Kate Davies
Tech Editor Tom van Deijnen (Sourcebook) Rachel Atkinson (Playbook)
Proofreading Cecilia Hewett

Turbo thanks to the generous, skilled and creative team who bring KNITSONIK books to life.

Nic, you are a magical book doula and you make my books look just like the joy I feel when I am swatching – I don’t know how you do it; Kate, you help me find just the right words and are a superbly enabling and encouraging creative presence; Ferg, you bring a ton of skill to my books but also a warm way of seeing my work that could only come from a sibling; Tom, you are a technician of the highest order in theory and practice alike; Rachel, you are a careful and precise tech-editor… thanks for helping me structure my first collection of patterns and for all the feminist hip-hop and stickers; Cecilia, you are as diligent, and talented with words as you are with your hand-spun yarn; Mark, you are my no. 1 comrade and inspiration and the daily life I celebrate in all my swatches and designs is the glorious one that we are making together <3