KNITSONIK and Knitting

Legwarmers for soundwalking, hand-knitted in Jamiesons’ spindrift photo © Mark Stanley

Hand-knitting is used in some KNITSONIK projects to embed ideas about listening or sounds in everyday garments. In Legwarmers for soundwalking, legwarmers featuring motifs from electronic recording equipment – ‘play’, ‘pause’ and ‘record’ buttons – combine traditional hand-knitting practices with the aesthetics and concepts of phonography. These legwarmers are a conspicuous material cue designed to relate walking with processes of consciously listening to the sounds around us and committing them to memory. The idea is that wearers of Legwarmers for soundwalking are inspired through wearing the design to think of themselves and their walking body as a sophisticated sound recording device.

Legwarmers for soundwalking hand-knitted in Jamiesons’ spindrift photo © Mark Stanley

KNITSONIK Field Recordist’s Tunic: hand-knitted in 4-ply Blacker Yarns photo © Mark Stanley

This is a custom-made, own-design, hand-knitted recording tunic feat. holes for microphone cables to be sequestered inside the garment; deep pockets for securing hard disk recorders whilst out in the field; a celebratory motif of ‘play’ ‘pause’ and ‘record’ buttons, and double-thickness stranded colour work strategically placed around neck, bum and sleeves, to keep drafts out whilst standing still in windy places, listening to sounds.

Other KNITSONIK hand-knits…

KNITSONIK wool-covered speaker pillow: designed to be knitted in specific yarns and then used to play sounds relating to the provenance of that very wool. Proto-type made in Blacker Yarns and launched at the ‘Soond Gaitherin’

Hûrd – A KNITSONIKâ„¢ PRODUKTION: speaker system clad in hand-knitted Cumbrian wool, devised specifically to convey sounds relating to shepherding and wool-growing in the Lake District and exhibited as part of the ‘Wonder of Wool’ exhibition at the Rheged gallery

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