My Most Knit Stars Project to date by J Diane Oliver-Jensen

A closeup of the hood, stripes and knitted texture of the blue cabled hoodie, with stripe details and i-cord edging

Following on from this post in which I reflected on the experience of being a Knit Stars student, I wanted to share a couple of the amazing stories from fellow Knit Stars students. Today I’m sharing this one from J Diane Oliver-Jensen in Ontario, Canada, which tracks the story of a special sweater through multiple […]

Barney’s Second Hat

The Shetland Flag crown - a perfectly symmetrical white cross closes in against a ground of warm blue, light navy and dark navy

Remember this? Sometimes one idea leads to another, you find yourself charting crosses this way and that, and that you are unable to stop playing with your blue and green stash of J&S 2 ply Jumper Weight. Sometimes you find you cannot stop knitting FLAG HATS FOR YOUR NEPHEW. Sometimes this… …based on this… …morphs […]

Barney’s Hat

the glorious glowy crown of Barney's hat

Remember how much my parents liked Shetland? They are going back at the end of August via overnight train from London and overnight ferry from Aberdeen, bringing one of my Niblings – Barney. Luckily Barney is an enormous fan of travel and especially travel by train. On hearing about this wonderful trip, I invoked The […]

KNITSONIK Knit Stitch Template

Have you done my KNITSONIK Bullet Journaling Course? It is a course that shows you how to organise everything in your life in a dot-grid journal in a way that works for you, that is just for you, that feeds your creativity, that keeps all your important things in one place and – very importantly […]

Japonica Wrap by Beverley Dott

The glorious Japonica Wrap by Beverley Dott, upon which lies a red walking stick

Do you remember this post? It’s an interview with Beverley Dott AKA Fair City Knits. Bev and I have stayed in touch since those early days of bonding over finding inspiration for stranded colourwork in everyday life, and I’m thrilled that the last design in KNITSONIK & Friends: Colour to Knit is one of hers. […]

Flombre Joy

Today I logged into the Slack group for the KNITSONIK & Friends: Colour to Knit Club to check in with what people are making and was greeted by this glorious version of Flombre, knitted by Marilee. It never grows old to see my designs transformed through someone else’s colour choices, and I found it beyond […]