Colour at Play is COMPLETE!

Certificate of Completion presented to Felicity (Felix) Ford for completing production on the outstanding new KNITSONIK course, Colour at Play

All work on my current course, Colour at Play has now been completed and is now live and available to do in your own time, at any time.

It’s hosted on the professional online teaching platform Teachable. I love the powerful features of this platform. It keeps your place in the content, shows you your progress, and enables you to easily navigate around the course structure. Resources such as handouts are super easy to download directly from each lesson, and I’m able to edit and add closed-captions to each of my videos.

I’m really proud of what I’ve created: it’s a joyous, rich and juicy creative course for knitters and non-knitters alike. There are loads of fun and enabling exercises to try, and is brimming with supportive resources.

Dear Colour Adventurer - a spread from the Colour at Play Handout

These include a massive handout of worksheets, instructions and references, plus almost fifty subtitled videos. All videos are between 3 – 10 minutes long, to break ideas down into accessible chunks, and all worksheets and instructions have been laid out using the guidelines supplied by the British Dyslexia Association.

There’s a supportive learning arc that begins with a schedule and other foundational stuff, then travels through creative ideas that each build on one another.

We explore everyday colours, develop palettes, talk about how to handle mistakes, experiment with swatching for knitters and non-knitters alike, play with colour in our wardrobes, and then wrap up with a glorious collection of mini-tasks. The course winds down carefully with a thoughtful series of reflective activities.

By the end, you’ll have a richer understanding of colours, more appreciation for the everyday colours that surround you, more ideas for ways to use and play with those colours, and a glorious little portfolio representing your creative journey.

You will have had fun finding colours in your local environment…

red paint chip held up against red wall

…explored different ways to document colours and palettes in your notebook or journal, or on one of the provided worksheets…

notebook page featuring beautiful Portuguese bowl and coloured paint chips reflecting the colours it contains

…delved into some of the kind, funny and creative things we can do when colours go wrong…

fugly LISTEN hat

Notebook workings for re-colouring the LISTEN hat

…played with different ways of swatching to better understand how colours interact…

Purples and Greens knitted in a speed swatch using Janine Bajus' technique

LISTEN swatch for better ideas for colours and colour sequences

…and enjoyed experimenting with colours in our wardrobes and outfits.

After all that, there is a delightful smorgasbord of fun activities that includes fun like naming colours to making palettes out of found papers and playing shade card bingo!

This section is followed by a reflective closing chapter with lovely prompts for helping you to summarise your favourite discoveries and colours throughout the journey of the course.

If you love colour and you love playing, but don’t know where to start with putting these things together, Colour at Play will show you how. It’s affirming and celebratory, it will make you notice colours in your life that you didn’t see before; you will definitely find moments of joy and laughter; and there’s a section that models kindness and curiosity for the times when colours go wrong. It’s also really well-signposted and do-able, with no super specialist equipment required.

Perhaps my favourite thing is that it feels like the kind of course about colours that nobody else could make: this has come straight from the heart of me.

video still from Colour at Play: Felix in her studio, gesticulating with her hands!

Felicity (Felix) Ford

3 thoughts on “Colour at Play is COMPLETE!

  1. I am delighted to see that the course is now complete. I am woefully behind, but thanks to your way of making it available “forever” I take comfort in knowing I can get back to it during the summer. What are my excuses given that I am retired? I am busy as the volunteer “coordinator” for book selection for four book groups that are part of an Irish Arts organization. I have been steadily working on developing my poetry writing and now am part of a group based in Ireland. As I get older, taking care of my health – which thankfully is fairly good – through exercise and doctor’s visits takes up a lot of my time. My son and I adopted a special needs dog a couple of years ago. Her medical issues are resolved, but she remains a “reactive” dog around people she doesn’t know. But she is lovely and such a big help in lowering anxiety for both me and my son. l didn’t mean to write a thesis but there you go. Oh – and I knit as much as I can including weekly with a good friend. Our knitting group fell apart during the pandemic, and groups seem to be on the wane.

  2. As someone who’s maybe a third of the way through this course – it is wonderful! I am taking my time and savoring each lesson. Felix, you have outdone yourself!

    1. Aw Marilee – thank you so much, this means a lot to hear. I’m especially happy to learn that you’re taking your time with it and – most importantly – enjoying it. That’s the whole idea 🙂

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