Colour at Play

Colour at Play: a practical online course that shows you how to play with colour by Felicity (Felix) Ford

Over the weekend I told you all about Colour at Work – the colourful book of essays about colour edited by Kate Davies and myself, and containing contributions from our talented friends around the world!

Today I want to tell you about Colour at Play. Colour at Work (new book) and Colour at Play (new online course) are two different projects, but they are also ideal companions, and the perfect way to combine theory and practice.

Colour at Play is now available to pre-order at a special earlybird price. The course is coming in March.

What is Colour at Play?

Colour at Play is an online course in seven sections. The seed of the idea was planted when I wrote one of my essays for Colour at Work.

Spread from essay in Colour at Work: Ways to Play with Colour

In the spirit of my popular KNITSONIK Bullet Journaling Course, I really wanted to grow and blossom that seed into a fun and enabling full-fat online course with a well-structured curriculum and inspiring learning materials.

I’ve designed Colour at Play to build your confidence with colour as you go, and to cultivate your appreciation for the colours of daily life. This course is about developing confidence with colour through the transformative power of play.

I’ll be leading you along the way, happily serving as your enthusiastic colour-appreciator and enabler of daily colour play.

video still from Colour at Play: Felix in her studio, gesticulating with her hands!

Colour at Play takes you on a thoughtfully structured learning journey.

We begin by rediscovering everyday colours and finding ways to celebrate and record them. From here, we progress to putting together palettes with the help of inspiring everyday objects. We then explore what it means to befriend colour “mistakes” and to make space for experimentation without the pressure of perfectionism.

After this, there’s a section for playing with colours as part of getting dressed each day, and a joyous smorgasbord of mini-experiments to try out anytime.

At the close of the course, there is time to share and reflect on our collective colour discoveries.

From start to finish, I’ll be lovingly encouraging you to record your discoveries and experiences in a way that works for you, so that you walk away with a personal portfolio of palettes and colours that really mean something to you.

A montage of ultra-colourful things on Felix's joyous old wooden tabletop

I love building online courses and the extra support they enable for practical experimentation and making. Namely:

  • Big ideas in bite-size chunks.
  • Structure and a schedule for actually doing all the fun things.
  • Community and the supportive experience of exploring ideas within a cohort.
  • Inspiring videos, allowing concepts to be clearly shown and demonstrated.
  • Enabling printable worksheets, making it easy to document and record experiences.
  • Greater Accessibility: visual, audible and written materials for different learning styles; optional closed-captions; and the ability to speed up, slow down, or rewatch videos as needed.

coloured pencils on old tabletop

Colour at Play requires no fancy art materials (check out the full materials list on Teachable).

Colour at Play is a self-paced online course so you can complete lessons in your own time.

Colour at Play is specifically designed to be digestible and easy. Most of the videos are around five minutes long, with none exceeding ten.

Your creativity while undertaking Colour at Play can be recorded in your favourite notebook, a photo-album, a folder, or – of course – your Bullet Journal (which is where I record all my own creative colour play).

Colour at Play is not specifically a knitting course, though there is quite a bit of knit-adjacent content, and an optional swatching exercise.

Felix with jazz hands at her table, talking about colours and play

I am really enjoying working on this and very excited to share it with the world when it is ready.

Will you join me to explore Colour at Play?

Colour at Play: a practical online course that shows you how to play with colour by Felicity (Felix) Ford) cream slide with rainbow in the bottom right hand corner

Colour at Play is now available to pre-order at a special earlybird price. The course is coming in March.

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