11. Cowslip

graffiti art with Cowslip yarn

I’ve not been able to find a photo of the namesake of today’s yarn shade, but here is a primrose – cousin of Cowslip.

Primroses - the same lovely light yellow as Cowslip

Such a lovely springtime colour; such a great match to the yarn. Also close to daffodils…

Daffodils in the spring - so yellow

…this delectable macaron…

macarons including a yellow one

…and the colour of mahonia wood, which can be used to make a dye not far from the buttery, spring-like, vivid joy of Cowslip.

Mahonia wood in a steel pan, where it was used for dyeing fabric

Yet where can we turn for spring-like yellows, when it’s not spring and when no new spring blossoms may be found? If you are anywhere near Weston-super-Mare, this magnificent and slightly alarming chicken mural comes with a good dose of Cowslip yellow.

Weston Super Mare mural of chicken

On a bright and wintry day where the light hangs low and golden in the sky, one of the fishing boats of St. Leonards-on-sea rests on vivid plastic rollers to enable her to get into the water down the steep, shingle beach. The rollers are the colour of Cowslip.

Ship on yellow rollers

Yellow rollers for boat, and ball of Cowslip

Yellow rollers for boat, and ball of Cowslip

The site of the old bathing pool has been decorated in shades of Cowslip graffiti…

Cowslip ball and yellow graffiti

Cowslip ball and yellow graffiti

…while nature has embroidered her own yellow designs on the wooden steps down to the beach.

Ball of Cowslip matching with lichen

Ball of Cowslip matching with lichen

Ball of Cowslip matching with lichen

There is always life growing, even in winter.

At home, I’m pleased to notice that a birthday card drawn for me by a cherished friend’s child has a touch of cowslip in its decadent depiction of ice-cream.

Ball of Cowslip and drawing of decadent ice-cream

In the kitchen a tube of American mustard and a box of tea purporting to taste like biscuits (it does not) speak to this cheerful shade.

Cowslip and foodstuffs of matching colours

Cowslip and foodstuffs of matching colours

My books have some Cowslip in them, too; Jacqueline Crooks’ Firerush is a more citrusy colour, and The Caribbean Arts Movement by Anne Walmsley is more golden, but where the sun has lightened the spine, it’s an exact match.

Yellow books and ball of Cowslip

Contemplating this lovely springlike colour has warmed a wintry day; if it’s winter where you are, too, can you use Cowslip like a magnet, to draw you towards some buttery yellow cheer?

These posts coincide with the KDD & Co. Colour Compass advent calendars. Each day, throughout December I’ll be opening my calendar beside you, and exploring the yarn shade that is revealed for that day. Read more about these posts here, and prepare for a few weeks of polychromatic fun as we discover the shades together and revel in their suggestive associations and creative possibilities together! Even if you don’t have a calendar, I hope you’ll love exploring colours with me, and thinking about each shade as it appears, and how it is connected with the everyday colours of your life.

12 thoughts on “11. Cowslip

  1. Your beautiful writing takes me away from the real world for a while…. Then I realise that this IS the real world
    Thank you for making it a little brighter xxx

    1. Aw thanks for reading, mum xxx and hurrah for finding ways to celebrate daily life and to find ways to appreciate the little everyday things x

  2. You really do bring great joy, Felix. I love how you see the world and how you are able to find all these magnificent yarn colours everywhere.

    1. Always aiming to bring the joy and I have to say the framework of this project is great – I have found so many colours I didn’t know where in our new house and its environs simply by using a ball of yarn each day like a compass, and seeing where it takes me / what it draws me towards. So happy you’re enjoying the series, thank you for reading.

    1. Aw thank you <3 means the world to me that you're reading along! And happy if what I write here can bring any scrap of joy x

  3. In general,I don’t believe magicians, at least stage preforming magicians. But you are a color magician. And a wonderful human being. Thank you for this exercise. I was gone until today. I read your essays on the road and today I opened them up to 11. It was so exciting. Just beautiful.

    1. Aw I don’t know about that but thanks for your lovely kind comment and I’m glad you enjoyed “opening all the doors” on the colour joy advent calendar.

    1. Really sorry to hear you’ve been having a difficult time. Sending hugs and happy if the joy of colour can help in any small way x

      1. Thanks Felix – it has really been such a pleasure reading your posts every day, and your coloury enthusiasm is so wonderfully infectious!

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