8. Garth

Today’s colour is Garth, an old word for yard or garden. That’s where I go with my little ball in search of good green matches.

Garth hiding in a stand of ivy

A sort of herbal green that reminds me of chlorophyl and kale, Garth also has its fair share of silver and blue. On a rainy day with little light, that makes it tricksome to photograph! And in a garden that is filled with green, it is a revelation to discover just how few plants are a precise match for this shade.


Garth in a patch of ivy

…strawberry plants…

Garth in a patch of strawberry plants


Garth and lleylandi

Garth and lleylandi

…a thistle…

Garth and a thistle

…and an olive tree.

All very close, but the match is hard to capture. The olive tree feels closest.

Olive tree and Garth

Inside the house, I spend some time with the its leaves, trying to document and understand the special and specific relationship between their greens, and those of Garth.

Olive leaves and Garth

Olive leaves and Garth

Olive leaves and Garth

I search in book sleeves and pages for nice, specific matches.

Nature in Britain with Garth

Garth and green seaweed illustrations

I look in the herb patch, and rosemary seems to speak nicely to Garth.

Garth with rosemary

Garth and Rosemary

What a lovely reminder of the infinite nature of greens… of how many greens there are to see and appreciate in any small, green, tended patch of land.
My ball of Garth has been a prism, splitting the green light into boundless subdivisions of this colour.

Where has Garth taken you?

These posts coincide with the KDD & Co. Colour Compass advent calendars. Each day, throughout December I’ll be opening my calendar beside you, and exploring the yarn shade that is revealed for that day. Read more about these posts here, and prepare for a few weeks of polychromatic fun as we discover the shades together and revel in their suggestive associations and creative possibilities together! Even if you don’t have a calendar, I hope you’ll love exploring colours with me, and thinking about each shade as it appears, and how it is connected with the everyday colours of your life.

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  1. Such a wonderful green! I always gravitate towards greens and browns and this for me is a near-perfect shade. Reminds me of an evergreen forest.

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