KNITSONIK is moving

KNITSONIK IS MOVING - rubber stamped image in Bullet Journal, adorned with yarn balls, buttons and sand dollars

After much waiting, nail-biting, planning, negotiating and organising, our long-awaited move to the coast is now in motion. It’s been a very slow process at times but has sped up massively in the last fortnight and has been unexpectedly expedited. We’re now rushing to get everything ready for our completion date of August 14th.

For the next couple of months I will not be able to send out physical orders, but the KNITSONIK shop remains open for digital-only products; you can also still enrol for self-paced courses in The KNITSONIK School. Please note, email response times are going to be slow in the next while if you need technical support with anything – I don’t have a team to whom I can delegate anything, and the next few weeks are going to be really full.

For those of you enrolled onto Yarnadelic Remixes 0.1, I’ll be writing in the coming days to let you know when the last bits and pieces will be arriving, and the final pattern in the collection has had its first pass by Frauke for tech-editing and will be with you very shortly! I’m so excited to share this one – Shuffle Play Shawl – a giant semi-circular shawl featuring many snippets of music and resembling half a record peeping out of its sleeve, or perhaps an old music box disc! Can you see what I mean?

Faith Makawa stands in a doorway, backlit by the sun, wearing a semi-circular shawl in shades of burgundies, purples, pinks and peaches, and motifs based on bars of music

Half a polyphon music box disc, with notes arraned around it in a circle

Faith Makawa sits on the ground in a beautiful garden, surrounded by flowers, wearing her shawl and reading "Memoirs of a Minnie Riperton fan" - Les Fleurs is one of the songs whose main phrase is represented in the motifs (and in one of the yarns used for this shawl)

There’s more to say about this design and this collection – the production of which has been a thoroughly rich and inspiring journey and my full-time job this year – but that will have to wait until I’m the other side of a million boxes, the packing away of our home of eighteen years, and the resettling for new and bright KNITSONIK adventures.

See you in September?

4 thoughts on “KNITSONIK is moving

  1. I’ve been wondering what’s been going on with your move. So glad to hear it’s just around the corner, even though things will be hectic between now and then. Good luck, hope all goes well and that your new home is everything you want it to be.

  2. Best of luck with your move! Moving is SO much work, but it sounds like you’re moving to your dream house in a dream location. Don’t forget: pack beds and bedding LAST and set them up FIRST so you can just drop into bed at the end of moving day!

  3. Happy happy moving and I am so excited for you both. Your mind will be floating with so many new visual and emotional curs. You are envied

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