Meet the componium!

a very messy desk on which are arranged many accoutrements for AV editing

Today I thought I’d show you a video I created as part of Yarnadelic Remixes 0.1, to set the scene for exactly how Muriel and I have spent the past few years turning music you can hear into knitting you can wear.

I hope this video gives a full sense of why we felt this project needed a multimedia home; a flavour of the AV delights to come as the project unfolds this summer; and a solid understanding of how the componium enables us to connect the rhythms and patterns of music with the rhythms and patterns of knit.

MEET THE COMPONIUM – our instrument of choice for making Yarnadelic Remixes 0.1


Yours in KNIT + SONIK,
Felix x

4 thoughts on “Meet the componium!

  1. This is so amazing. My mind is reeling with the options. I want musical representations of all my colorwork sweaters! I want to knit Braille novels! I want to create colorwork from my favorite music and I want to see exhibits of all these things. The possibilities are endless.

    1. They really are! This is how we’ve felt for the last few years, playing with these boxes and using them as the basis for new kinds of knits! So happy if some of that excitement comes across here x

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