Bells at Boscombe

tubular bells at the end of Boscombe pier; tall aluminium cylinders that chime when struck

It’s a funny time of year and I’m not in the swing of 2023 just yet. However, our quest to sell our home and to find a new place to live by the sea continues. This time last week, we had a glorious day in Boscombe. The winter sun was low and bright, and we walked along the coast between addresses, learning the ways of the hills and the streets and trying to imagine ourselves living there.

I found a lovely Music Trail on the pier – a collection of instruments attached to the pier itself, with beaters and information boards – that anyone can play, along with the soft song of the sea. I’m trying to get back into the habit of more SONIK in my life, and so made some recordings on the day. When I got home, I mixed them with photos I took on the day to make a slow mostly aural record of the day.

The sounds you’ll hear – in order – are the pigeons roosting under the pier; the tubular bells; the babel drum; some chimes; and then just the soft waves of the sea.

Felix x

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