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collection of KNITONIK packages with KNITSONIK gift tags and KNITSONIK washi tape


I wrote to my mailing list last week and realised it might be helpful to share this information here on the blog, as well!



A couple of you reached out to say you wanted options for gifting The KNITSONIK System or popping it on your wishlist. I had a think about how to make this and my other popular course – KNITSONIK Bullet Journaling – more giftable, and have designed coupon templates, so that you can now order personalised coupons through my online shop. Once the unique coupon has been created, I’ll send you a high quality PDF file of it that you can then email them to your gift recipient or print out to pop inside a card.

A voucher image with a stranded colourwork borde; a pink and purple colour scheme; and the following wording:
Dear [name], [your friend/partner/sibling/name] has gifted you a place on the flagship KNITSONIK course: The KNITSONIK System. To take your place, go to Go through the steps to enrol and then, at the cart, copy paste and enter this single-use coupon code: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX This will remove all costs from your cart, enabling you to go ahead and sign up at no charge. Email if you need any help with the coupon code. Happy Knitting!


All my books are still in print! If you are in the US, you can find them in The Woolly Thistle, otherwise I ship all over the world and my last post dates are below.

KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook


I’m down to around ten sets of each of my washi tape designs (A and B) so if you want to wrap things in KNITSONIK joy this festive season, now’s the time to order.

washi tape set A - from left to right: knitted dots, bricks, dandelions, mulberry leaves, cherry blossoms and matryoshka dolls - all designs found in the KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Playbook

My top tip for wrapping gifts with washi tape is to use it with the matt side of tissue paper; it’s low-tack tape so doesn’t work so well with heavy papers, or papers with a velvety or laminated finish. However, washi tape works well with tissue paper and you can have loads of fun finding co-ordinating colours (and matching yarns too, if you’re that way inclined).

KNITSONIK books wrapped in tissue paper, with co-ordinating J&S yarns, KNITSONIK tags, and matchy shades of tissue paper included

KNITSONIK & Friends: Colour to Knit

KNITSONIK & Friends Colour to Knit - a composite grid of images that look both like hearts and knit-stitches, and which contain photos detailing the creative process of designing stranded colourwork - coloured in drawings, grids, charts, pencils etc.

If you would like to send KNITSONIK & Friends: Colour to Knit as a gift, you absolutely can; just email felix [at] knitsonik [dot] com with details of the recipient and your gift message, and I shall raise an invoice for you to cover the cost of the book (payable through PayPal or Stripe) and arrange electronic delivery of the eBook to your intended recipient. If you want some yarn to go along with the book, you can buy kits for Nolwenn’s Cheers! Mitts here in the RiverKnits shop and here at Bluebell Yarns. Kits for my design from the book – Flombre – can be found here.

Heidi peeps out of her Flombre accessory set from the KNITSONIK & Friends Colour to Knit eBook - she is wearing dark blue denim, against which the pink and blue gradient sets of mitts, cowl and hat really stand out. The background is pink.

The Joy of Color

Have you read my piece on the KDD&Co. blog from a week or two ago? If you have, you’ll have some inkling of how fantastic and enabling Janine Bajus is, where demystifying and understanding stranded colourwork are concerned. I mention the blog post here, because it draws heavily on several helpful conversations I’ve had with Janine over the years.

Janine is an amazing maker and a kindred spirit. Her book, The Joy of Color: Fair Isle Knitting Your Way condenses years of creative and teaching experience into an immensely useful, inspiring and thoroughly inviting tome. Breaking down the steps between finding inspiration and knitting a sweater that speaks to it, Janine’s book is an important resource if you are interested in the ongoing endless joy of turning everyday inspirations into things that we can wear. Just like its author it is friendly, generous, practical and comforting, and will give you all the confidence and encouragement you need in order to begin.

Joy of Color front cover image - a beautiful Fair Isle sweater worked in blues and yellows and the subtitle "Fair Isle Knitting Your Way"

Handywoman & Wheesht

These two books by my dear friend Kate contain some of the most moving and powerful words I’ve ever read on the relationships between our creative actions and our interior lives. Generous, suggestive and inclusive, they are great gifts for non-knitters and knitters alike.

Handywoman explores connections between disability and making. Drawing on Kate’s experiences of having had a stroke at the age of 36, it’s a book that richly examines disability and its links to practical creativity and meaningful acts of making. As a memoir, Handywoman is refreshingly free from tropes of “triumphing over adversity”. Rather, it’s about the extraordinary power that comes from fashioning things with our hands; the ways in which we can make the world a more empathetic and accessible place; and how experiences of disability reframe our relationship with daily tasks, with everyday things, and with one another. It’s a deeply human story written with honesty and heart and I think everyone should read it.

Handywoman by Kate Davies - the image is of a head with a brain embroidered in threads onto paper

Meanwhile, Wheesht speaks expansively to the notion of creativity and the many things we can learn through looking at the work and processes of other makers. This book is a series of essays, each of which explores the work and methods of a different creative practitioner. As well as offering a rich and diverse view of creative practices, Wheesht provides starting points for taking these ideas forward in our own way. Enabling, inspiring and prescient, this truly is a book that speaks to the value of making in uncertain times.

Wheesht - creative making in uncertain times - white titles against a misty sunrise and pine trees

Shetland Wool Adventures Journals Vol. 1 – 3

It’s no secret that Shetland is my favourite place on Earth. However, if you can’t get there yourself, the next best thing is to travel vicariously through the exquisitely designed and thoroughly representative Shetland Wool Adventure Journals produced by Misa Hay. Containing knitting patterns from local luminaries, walking routes, recipes and beautiful articles about Shetland Life, these lovely books are a labour of love and a really rich introduction to a magical place. Find Volumes 1 – 3 here in the KNITSONIK shop.

Da Mirknen Mitts - mitts inspired by shards of pottery found on the Shetland shore, while holding those shards of pottery - from Vol. 1 of the SWA Journal

KNITSONIK Last Post Dates

I use Royal Mail for shipping all my KNITSONIK post. There are currently several strikes planned over the festive season. To avoid the disappointment of late packages, please order in plenty of time.

These are my last shipping dates per region.

Australia, New Zealand, China (People’s Republic), Caribbean region, Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Far and Middle East

Friday 2nd December

Europe, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, USA

Thursday 8th December


Thursday 15th December (2nd Class)
Wednesday 21st December (1st Class)

If you order after these dates I will of course post out your order, but it might arrive later than you’d hoped. You’ll notice I’ve added 2nd Class Shipping in the UK, so if you choose this option it’s cheaper but takes longer to reach you.

I can’t compete with Amazon when it comes to tracking information and speed of dispatch. I don’t offer a tracked service because it just costs too much and as I’m the only person involved in running KNITSONIK LTD., I can’t ship out orders every day. There are updsides and downsides to being such a tiny business but my favourite upside is that I am very close to everything I sell; it’s all packed up by me. If you want me to sign books or add a special dedication at the front, I’d love to help make a gift for someone feel extra special. Just leave a note at the checkout or email felix [at] knitsonik [dot] com with your order details and I’ll do my best!

Thanks for reading my gift guide and last post dates!

Felix x

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