The KNITSONIK System: self-paced edition

a closeup of my massive KNITSONIK swatch

If you subscribe to my newsletter then you will have heard last night that The KNITSONIK System: self-paced edition is now open for enrolments in the KNITSONIK School.

Felix proudly holding up a swatch produced using the KNITSONIK System - it's inspired by the walnut tree behind her in the photo

Formerly known as Quotidian Colourwork, this is my flagship course that brings to life the process of translating everyday inspirations into stranded colourwork.

You’ll learn how to pick an inspiration source…

a little Leone cinnamon pastilles tin...

…from which you will then produce a yarn palette…

a yarn palette inspired by the cinnamon pastilles tin

…and a series of different motif ideas…

closeup patterns and shapes derived from the cinnamon pastilles tin and worked in colours from the palette

…that you will explore in a beautiful, experimental swatch…

the swatch on the needles (on the left) and the cinnamon pastilles tin from which the patterns are derived (on the right)

…which is then blocked and finished…

blocked and finished swatch

…with the most successful ideas then being transposed onto a knitting pattern, so that you can wear your original designs on your legs, hands, or head.

Felix wearing a hat featuring the best motifs and ideas from the stranded colourwork swatch produced using The KNITSONIK System

(Massive thanks to Astrid Johnston for managing to get a nice photo of my wearing my KNITSONIK System Hat!)

Every detail and aspect of this process is carefully supported with a total of 5+ hours of high-quality instructional video content; comprehensive PDF handouts for you to download and use throughout; and a helpful Agony Aunt feature, through which I will create tailored video responses to your stranded colourwork dilemmas. It’s as much an art course as a knitting one and along the way we’ll talk a lot about ways of seeing the world; deepening our connections with special memories and objects; and strategies for managing and maintaining creative processes so that we make it to the end and are able to confidently embrace our mistakes as an essential part of learning and of growth.

messy drawings in my KNITSONIK Bullet Journal - chart ideas that never were totally resolved

I’m so happy to be able to share this course. When I ran it before – in 2020 – I was utterly blown away by the benefit to everyone of having extra time. Spreading things out over six weeks or so made for richer experiences all round, and some of the things people were able to produce over an extended time frame were amazing (Ravelry Link).

I have loved teaching in-person classes, meeting knitters, and sharing the joy of translating everyday inspirations into stranded colourwork in real life. However, the time involved in a face-to-face workshop – usually three to six hours – is never enough for anyone in the class to deeply relax into a rich, creative process. Conversely, online you can spread the course around your life and knitting time. This means more space for processing ideas, trying things out and making sense of things that are confusing at first. I love that my video content can be watched and rewatched as many times as is required; that it can be sped up or fast-forwarded or skipped-through or repeated in a way I personally can’t do in a class! And I love that the format enables me to show processes in detail and in multiple ways. For all these reasons I have decided not to teach my flagship class – how to turn everyday inspirations into stranded colourwork – in person, anymore. This has been a big decision, as teaching this class has been a huge part of my creative life for almost a decade. However, I’m really happy to be able to pour all the ideas from this body of teaching work into The KNITSONIK System. I also love that this format means that anyone who wants to take a class with me can do so at any time.

I don’t know about you, but most of my knitting happens is in a little corner of the sofa with my books, yarn and baskets all around me. Perhaps what I love the most about online teaching is that it lets me meet you wherever it is that you most like to knit. The KNITSONIK System: self-paced edition is a way for me to virtually join you on your sofa so we can play creatively, together, and turn all our favourite memories into handknits we can wear.

Read more about The KNITSONIK System here and have an amazing Sunday!


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