KNITSONIK Knit Stitch Template

Have you done my KNITSONIK Bullet Journaling Course? It is a course that shows you how to organise everything in your life in a dot-grid journal in a way that works for you, that is just for you, that feeds your creativity, that keeps all your important things in one place and – very importantly – in a way that makes you happy.

Because I’ve based the course on my own journal use, and because stranded colourwork is so fundamental to my creative and professional life, the course includes a segment called Bullet Journaling for Stranded Colourwork. In this section, I talk about the very real ways in which some of my creative stranded colourwork designs have come to life in the messy pages of my KNITSONIK Bullet Journal…

a page from my Bullet Journal showing the chart workings for SKYSTONE ARMWARMERS

…and share my method for swiftly producing knit-stitch illustrations from charts, in order to test out colourways and get a feel for how the shapes of knit-stitches will impact on the final effect of a design.

skystone mitts drawings in my BuJo giving me different options for the sequence of the yarn up through the design

This is the method I used for producing all the illustrations for the KNITSONIK Playbook Colouring Companion and the illustrations published in the piece I wrote for the Shetland Wool Week Annual about the iconic SWW Hats.

Donna Smith's iconic Baa-ble hat motif of sheep under a snowy sky, rendered as knit-stitches

I decided to share my illustrative method for quickly trialling colourways in my journal before casting on as part of the KNITSONIK Bullet Journaling Course because it has been so helpful for me to use in my own designing processes and because I know I’m not the only one who wants more colourwork joy in my journal! It means a lot to see my ideas helping other peoples’ creative processes – this is the whole reason why I teach in the first place – and when we began talking about the KNITSONIK & Friends: Colour to Knit eBook, I was thrilled to find that the other designers involved had all been using my method in their journals to help bring their design ideas to life.

Since it is cited as one of the Special Techniques for the KNITSONIK & Friends: Colour to Knit eBook, I have excerpted my tutorial video for this from the rest of my KNITSONIK Bullet Journaling Course so that anyone can now access my drawing/journaling technique here.

The excerpted video is the same as in the KNITSONIK Bullet Journaling Course apart from the music, which has been very slightly changed. In the original video – as in the entire course – I used some of the glorious sonic works of Rrrrrose (formerly Monplaisir)/Loyalty Freak Music. I absolutely love this artists’ work – it is so playful, generative and spontaneous – and when we corresponded for our interview, I realised how much I wanted to make music again. Towards this end, I have been attending classes at the Point Blank Music School and my most recent assignment remixes some of the same tracks by Rrrrrose that originally appeared in my videos for my online courses.

I have added this piece to the end of my freshly-edited tutorial video so that the inspiration track and the fruit that it has born now sit together in the mix.

All of which is to say, hurrah for sharing our ideas and for how things we create and put out into the world come back to us and feed into other peoples’ making.

Thanks to Patricia for naming my technique in a way that made me think of is as such – and here’s hoping the KNITSONIK Knit Stitch Template is helpful and joyous for you!


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