Flombre Joy

Today I logged into the Slack group for the KNITSONIK & Friends: Colour to Knit Club to check in with what people are making and was greeted by this glorious version of Flombre, knitted by Marilee.

glorious version of Flombre worked with yellow and orange flowers over a background of shifting cool dark greens

It never grows old to see my designs transformed through someone else’s colour choices, and I found it beyond exciting to see all the glowy gradient aesthetics of Flombre transposed from blue/pink into green/yellow-orange (yorange?). In Marilee’s version the motif is really clear and bright, and the hot yellows against the deep greens remind me of nasturtiums and marigolds.

the yarns and printouts used by Marilee to create her own version of Flombre

I love it so! So autumnal, so much like sparklers and bonfires, like spicy teas, like pine forests.

Happily, finding this finished project online led me to several blog posts by Marilee regarding the amazing creative things she has produced through participating in the club.

How fantastic are all these amazing versions of Patricia’s Brightlingsea motif? I love them all, and her special associations with different places for each colour combination. It’s also wonderful to see Nolwenn’s CHEERS! Mitts completely reimagined in a black and white and ice-cream palette of joy.

I am very busy this week laying out the final design in the KNITSONIK & Friends: Colour to Knit eBook and lots of things today have been quite disheartening – nothing major, just a lot of little frustrations – and I’d got into a real “WHAT IS THE POINT OF KNITSONIK ANYWAY” kind of mood… a mood, I must say, that was instantly fixed by this.

Flombre crown in glowing golden yoranges against greens

Thank You, Marilee, for sharing your process and creativity with us, and for letting me share this here –

2 thoughts on “Flombre Joy

  1. Felix, thank you so much! I am so moved by your post. Thank you also for these brilliant exercises to help knitters create some art along with our crafts. I am enjoying this club so much and how the projects are helping me stretch and grow as a knitter. And that is true of your other books as well. Thank you!

    1. Aw, I was so moved to find all your amazing blog posts about our club! It’s really heartening to read of your experiences and to learn that you are enjoying the club and that it’s feeding your creativity – this was always the aim :) so beautiful to see the fruits of your labours and all your gorgeous club projects! Thanks for letting me share them here.

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