Brightlingsea is Born!

closeup of James wearing the Brightlingsea scarf over jeans and t-shirt

The KNITSONIK & Friends Colour to Knit Club officially opened up today – shout out to the members! – I’m really excited to share the first project with everyone who has signed up.

James (left) wears a light grey shirt and Brightlingsea scarf, while Taia - dressed in bright mustard yellow sweater and coat with blue jeans, leans casually on his shoulder

Taia sits on the floor in a large swirly Navy blue skirt, while looking down at the patterns on her Brightlingsea scarf; her top is mustard yellow, picking out the shapes of the beach huts in the scarf, while the background behind speaks to the shades of blue and aqua

Brightlingsea by Patricia Kimmitt (JudithJayne Design) is a lovely bold design in which the special memories of a place are celebrated with precision and a skilled and economical use of colour. There is much to love about this pattern but today I’m especially appreciating what an accessible template Patricia’s working process provides for commemorating important moments or memories in stranded colourwork. This project – like all the others in the KNITSONIK & Friends Colour to Knit Club is published alongside colouring-in sheets, design notes and reflections that enable you to easily recolour the design so it can speak directly to your own experiences.

closeup of James wearing the Brightlingsea scarf over jeans and t-shirt

That being said, I do think the colours of Patricia’s original sample – worked in Jamieson & Smith 2ply Jumper Weight – are wonderful. They are so evocative of the pattern’s namesake – the coastal town of Brightlingsea – and the whole design reminds me of walking by the sea in the UK in winter, cosy and wrapped up in woollens against the wind.

Congratulations, Patricia, on the publication of this beautiful design. So much care and thought went into it and the results speak for themselves.

Taia peeps mischievously out of her scarf while wearing matching eyeshadow in gold and blue and a lovely bright yellow raincoat

Big shout out to my brother Ferg and his camazing team at Fergus Ford Photography for perfectly capturing the spirit of all the designs in the KNITSONIK & Friends Colour to Knit Club and eBook. James and Taia did the most smashing job of showing all the ways to have fun in your brightly coloured Brightlingsea scarf!

More Soon –
Yours in knitting and creating things together,

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