Covid-19 Diaries Again

very vivid red/orange trees against the turbo bright blue sky

We got COVID again.

beautiful feathery gold grasses against a softly clouded blue sky; photo taken on an angle so the horizon line lies on a diagonal

For me it was worse this time than before, but this week I am feeling a bit better than last.

beautiful bulrushes all backlit by a low sun, and falling apart with all the soft puffy seeds peeling away from the stem

Happily my sense of smell seems to be gradually returning – I was surprised by how deeply lonely and sad I felt to be temporarily without it. Hello again, smells.

beautiful Blackthorn blossoms - little tiny white five-petalled flowers blooming against the blue sky

All I’ve been good for lately is resting on the sofa, watching TV, sleeping loads, and some non-taxing recreational knitting. I’m really disappointed and sad to have once again had my work stalled by illness and incapacity but am hoping that this week I might be able to get back on top of what I was working on before the COVID struck.

very vivid red/orange trees against the turbo bright blue sky

In the meantime, I’m trying to focus on the good things and to rebuild my strength. Today I’m celebrating getting out for a short walk three days in a row with some of the photos I took on those walks of the spring.

three little Goslings, back-lit by the sun, peeping at their own shadows and waddling around

very pretty wiggly reflections in the pond, all zagging and zigging and blue and gold and green

tiny fluffy pussy willow buds all lined up on a branch against the sky

cheeky little Robin peeping; he's in the middle of a tangle of branches looking away to the right

It’s a little thing, but focusing on the everyday miracle of blossoms blossoms and goslings hatching and Robins doing their thing has brought me much cheer in bleak times. I hope they bring you peace and joy as well.

backlist fluffy bulrushes glowing in the sun

Be well and go gently,
Until soon –


3 thoughts on “Covid-19 Diaries Again

  1. So sorry to hear about this latest bout with Covid. May your recovery steadfastly continue. Your photos are joy. Sending healing energy!

  2. I’m so sorry this happened to you again. Glad you’re feeling better. And yes, your Spring photos do brighten my mood. I *love* the European Robin – I love our North American Robin, too, but your sis so tiny and pert! Do take good care of yourselves. Sounds like you are. Peace and love,
    from the US.

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