Rainbows in the kitchen

Joey Muffkins is very partial to hanging out in the sink. He sits there for hours and is most put out if we have inconsiderately left any cookware there. He likes to stare into space and soak his head, back and tail. The light comes in at just such an angle, in the morning, that the combination of sunbeams and water – when photographed – turns into a little rainbow.

Joey Muffkins sitting in the sink, catching a lovely rainbow between the sunbeams and the water from the dripping tap

Joey Muffkins licking his nose and sitting in a rainbow of sunbeams and tap drips

A prism, placed in the sink, will also make rainbows on the walls and on the metal basin.

A rainbow on the wall, the result of sunlight and a prism placed in the sink

A prism in the sink, making a little rainbow on the metal

Mark also had the lovely idea for a fun Easter video… so we have had a couple of other rainbows in our kitchen this week.

A massive jar of multi-coloured sprinkles, labelled "Chicken Treatz"

Hens' eggs dyed with special egg dyes, so they are beautiful pastel rainbow shades

Sending rainbows to you all.
Much Love,

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