Concluding our dot-themed prize tour, I wanted to write about the wonderful use of calming blues throughout one of my favourite dot-themed publications: Making #3: Dots.

I have particularly happy associations with this magazine because I initially spotted it (haha!) at Loop in London, when I was meeting my sister-in-stranded-colourwork Janine Bajus for the first time. We’d agreed to meet there so that Janine and her friend Chris could see this yarny palace of dreams. When I saw this magazine (drawn INSTANTLY in by the word DOTS on the front cover) I flicked through and thought “this is absolutely lovely, but I’ll never have time to make any of these projects”. I left it there on the shelf.

But I kept thinking about it.

About those dotty projects in all those gorgeous shades of blue… the recipe including blueberries (how had I never conceived of blueberries as dots before?); the pebbles clad in crochet (why yes! pebbles ARE like dots…); the tiny, round pincushions dotted with stitches (and later to be dotted with pins…); the dots made of Yarn-Overs (so many ways to make dots and spots beyond stranded colourwork…); and the moon-themed bag with its singular dot of undyed white… there were just so many different and imaginative creative explorations of my favourite thing: dots. The sheer scope of what might be considered to fall within this theme, and the thoughtfully curated projects just kept popping into my mind. I ordered a copy.

As predicted, I’ve been a bit busy with my own stuff to make anything from it yet… however, this has not prevented me from stockpiling supplies to make some of the projects one day, and flicking through its quiet pages with their many tones of blue fills me with rare feelings of calm. I am keen to share all this with a fellow appreciator of dots and decided this magazine should form the main part of the final prize for the POLKAMANIA! KAL.

To accompany Making #3: Dots, I have included some stickers which are also dots, and which are also blue and white…

…I put these stickers in my bullet-journal to remind me to breathe, to look at the sky, to drink water, to pause for a few moments.

I’ve also included a set of Knit By Numbers 4-ply Mini-Skeins in a range of blues that reminds me of those found throughout the pages of this lovely magazine.


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