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If you read my post from several weeks ago, or if you have my second book, or if you follow @yumiket and @labistrake on instagram, then you will know all about #knittedcorrespondence!

For those new to the concept, the idea is that you find a friend online (Yumi and Muriel use instagram) and agree to “post” knitted swatches to one another each month, with a few lines describing their significance. You could pick anything for your inspiration source… from a beautiful Marshall Amp, to the light passing through the leaves in your favourite park…

The best parts about #knittedcorrespondence are finding people – correspondents – to play with, and having that monthly deadline that gently pushes you to celebrate your daily life in glorious stranded colourwork. Yumi and Muriel have created many postcards now, and you can see them all under the hashtag #knittedcorrespondence in instagram…

…a few folk have been so inspired by their work that they’ve been asking where they can find their own magical knitted correspondent with whom to play. I made this image to help you find each other.

The rules are very simple: download this image, share it on your social media channels, and use it to find your perfect KnitPal*. If using instagram, please use the hashtag #knittedcorrespondence, as that will enable you to see all the work created under this project title, and the origins of the idea in Yumi and Muriel’s gorgeous monthly postcards.

Have you seen this month’s edition, themed around light and featuring lavender and hollyhocks? So beautiful. <3

This is a special edition of my mini swatch diary, as knitted postcard of Juny to dear @labistrake ! For this month's postcard, we had a predetermined common theme "light". . The excessive, brutal and fierce summer heat has been hitting my country. In the daytime, the sunlight is so bright that everything looks whitish and glaring. But when it gets dark, the light gradually weakens its brightness, as if the sun got tired of its activity. I am often amazed at how the evening sunlight makes all the colours deeper or richer. . I took this photo of lavender as the inspiration source at a nearby park a few years ago. I love this deep lavender colours the sun made at the evening. So I tried to capture the colours as well as the blurred lamppost lights in the background. . #knittedcorrespondence #miniswatchoftheday #fairisleknitting #strandedcolourwork #jamiesonandsmith #swatching #knittedswatch #lavender #lavenderlove #knittedlavender #lavendercolour

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If you are having problems finding other folk with whom to share #knittedcorrespondence, please leave a comment under this post and I’ll see if I can help in any way.

Until next time,
Yours in Knitted Correspondence,

*Like a PenPal but communicating in stranded colourwork rather than in pen and ink.

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