Shetland in pictures

We are back from a short break in Shetland; this was a special trip, as it was Mark’s first time in Shetland and a holiday for my birthday.
I thought you might like to see some photos!

Puffins at Sumburgh Head.

The rocks around St. Ninian’s Isle.

Sheep buddies!

Seal buddy.

Gorgeous ombré sand.

A Fulmar? Or a kind of gull? Defending its nest.

A Bonxie at Hermaness.

Gannet colonies, rocks, stacks, and the most Northerly point in the UK: Muckle Flugga!

Puffin buddy at Hermaness!

Fair Isle at Whalsay – more on that in another post, but for now I just wanted to show you some glimpses of the extraordinary work of the knitters of Whalsay.

Lichens, sea-pinks (Thrift) and Bog-Cotton seen up and around Eshaness.

Da Drongs, spotted from Braewick beach.

Knitting Sheaths at the Shetland Museum and Archives – also to be shared more in a further post!

The impossibly pink sunset on our last night.

Mark enjoying the coastal views and the beautiful buttercups and sea pinks.

Thank you Shetland, we had such a lovely time and will be back very soon!

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6 Responses to Shetland in pictures

  1. Jeannette Smyth says:

    gosh, so beautiful, and how delightful to share with your true love. can’t wait for further details. thanks.

  2. Pops says:

    Looks absolutely idyllic xxx

  3. Pops says:

    Absolutely idyllic- cf a hot noisy day with Barney Tobes Ferg and Sian for a steamtrain extravaganza on the watercress line- fab guest locos but challenging station waits…

  4. Terry Hickman says:

    Lovely sharing! Thank you! I adore puffins but I’ve never seen one IRL. Also: we have bog cotton in Nebraska! In the fens dotted around in the Sandhills! I think it’s called something else but it looks exactly the same. Thanks for the mini-vacation!

  5. Janet Daniels says:

    Thanks for the lovely photos. I am really curious about the knitting sheaths.

  6. As we can see, it was a great birthday excursion, indeed. I hope you got a lot of inspiration and I’d love to read about it. Thank you for sharing.

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