KNITSONIK on the Fruity Knitting Podcast

If you’ve been watching the KNITSONIK YouTube Channel, you’ll know I’m having a blast learning to make videos. I’m completely inspired by the wondrous possibilities for combining knitting and sound and I love how easily I can show colours and images, but also underscore them with recordings from the extensive KNITSONIK archives. Basically, I WANT TO MAKE ALL THE VIDEOS ALL THE TIME.

A couple of weeks ago I learnt more about video production through being interviewed over Skype for the Fruity Knitting Podcast. This video podcast is produced by Andrea and Andrew who do an amazing job of assembling their episodes and who really maximise the visual possibilities of the medium. I’ve watched a few episodes now and they are a visual and knitterly feast! Like any of the sweaters that Andrea and Andrew knit, their podcast is lovely to look at and has been well made. A knitterly eye is evident in how they edit and assemble all the footage and everything you’d like to see in detail is clearly shown. Andrea and Andrew are Australians living in Germany and podcasting regularly from their Offenbach studio. It was a huge pleasure to be a part of episode 12, and I loved talking to them about my interest in knitting and sounds; how I became interested in the provenance of wool; and why artists are necessarily practical people. I especially love Andrea’s amazing stranded colourwork sweater (it’s a beautiful Jade Starmore pattern, adapted to fit Andrew) and was thrilled to hear some of my field recordings in the final edit. Listen out for Cranes in Estonia; creaking gates in Cumbria and Terns in Shetland, as well as a couple of KNITSONIK songs and jingles.

Having spent the past few months trying to get to grips with video myself, I can really appreciate the work that goes into producing the Fruity Knitting Podcast and I hope you’ll enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed being interviewed for it! Also, my friend Jeni Reid appears in the KNITTERS OF THE WORLD segment, with amazing hair and, I think, filmed by the charismatic Leona of Fluph in Dundee. I love their segment and the brief appearance of Jeni’s handspun PINGLEWIN!

Watch the podcast is what I’m saying.

1 thought on “KNITSONIK on the Fruity Knitting Podcast

  1. Hi Felix

    I loved watching your interview on the Fruity Knitting podcast, it was really interesting to learn more about how you’ve combined knitting and sounds over the years, and the difference between sheepy/sheep dogs in England and Estonia…. seeing you pull out all those amazing swatches….just awesome…as always your enthusiasm and appreciation for wool and knitting is such an inspiration…I could happily have watched this for twice as long.

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