The Jamieson & Smith Yarn Shades Song

Greetings, comrades!

If you’ve ever been to one of my Quotidian Colourwork classes, you may have noticed that several years of swatching with their flagship 2 ply Jumper Weight yarn range has left the shade numbers somewhat, erm, ingrained in my brain. When I’m swatching and charting designs from everyday inspirations, I confess I begin to see J&S yarn shades everywhere.

I was thinking of that when a series of links on Twitter led me to a phone app* that will “read” any image and give you suggested, related Pantone colours like so:


I love the simple way in which this app presents a palette based on any given image, and it is very close to my own way of seeing the world. However to me the above image reads like 34, 79, 1280, FC17 and 203 with some 77 for those hard black shadows, and perhaps a touch of 23 and FC7…


Today I want to tell you about a video I’ve created for my YouTube channel which celebrates finding J&S Yarn Shade colours in the everyday world and then knitting with them – a concept more deeply expanded in my book, the KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook.The song is called the Jamieson & Smith Yarn Shades Song and you can watch it here.

I’m having a busy summer working on several projects that I can’t tell you about just yet; I’ll be back soon with news and sounds and knitting and announcements but, in the meantime, I hope you enjoy my song! If you’re missing the KNITSONIK Podcast, you can hear me and my sounds in several other places, including The Last Outpost produced by Kerry Purcell and Woman’s Hour for which I was interviewed as part of a chain during Listener Week. Some of my work is also on display at the Open Data Institute in London as part of the Data As Culture – Thinking Out Loud exhibition that launched there in July.

For now, I am yours in J&S YARN SHADES and SONGS!!!

*The app I am using is available for free on some Android platforms and is called Pantonera. I cannot advise for other phone models and apps, but there do seem to be lots of both free and paid options for applications that will parse photos into Pantone colour swatches…

2 thoughts on “The Jamieson & Smith Yarn Shades Song

  1. I listened to the song just after I watched your awesome video for the Estonian knitting book….it’s brilliant and such a celebration of the many many wonderful shades Jamieson and Smith makes. (and I’m sure one day you’ll think of a rhyme for straw-berries)

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