Magnolia Mittsalong – now on YouTube!

Greetings, Comrades!

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s post, the video I’ve been working on most recently is now available to view on YouTube. It documents the process and outcomes of the Magnolia-themed #knitsonikmittsalong that took place this spring.

In the video you can expect to see my gurning face and wildly gesticulating hands, loads of enthusiasm for colours and patterns and shading, and FANTASTIC finished projects such as these glorious mitts, knitted by Sarahhandson.

Beautiful magnolia themed mitts, knit by Sarahhandson
Beautiful magnolia themed mitts, knit by Sarahhandson

About the video…

For the structure of the video, I took on board a comment from turtlebird26 in the KNITSONIK Ravelry group:

“My favourite part is seeing the progression – photo, sketch, and then several iterations of the knitting”.

I looked at the inspiration source for the mitts, then at at our different palettes, patterns and shading sequences. I included some feedback on the amazing mitts and swatches produced for the #KNITSONIKMITTSALONG… The result has turned out far too long at 15:28, but I’ve been working on it for over a week already and did not want to delay its release any further!

I’m still trying to understand what I can leave up to the camera and what I should explain absolutely clearly with words; the explanations and text were cut down with each successive filming and editing session, but it feels to me like I could still improve. Finding the right pace for talking is tricky too; I don’t want to rush too much but is it too slow as is?

Please tell me!

About the sounds in the video…

SONIK buddies may be interested to hear that the video includes a field-recording from the part of Pembrokeshire where I saw and photographed that beautiful Magnolia tree!


I uploaded the sound to my all time favourite collective sound project, the aporee sound maps, and comrade Vincent Duseigne – a fellow user of aporee – informs me that the birds you can hear are as follow;

Carrion crow
Common chiffchaff
Common wood pigeon
More far, a great tit
44s : I think an angry green woodpecker, but it’s quite far
1:16 : blackbird beginning
1:32 : shortly a common chaffinch
1:47 : a very young blackbird
2:00 : great spotted woodpecker
2:21 : wren
3:16 : humans 😉

I heart the generosity of the global community of recordists who use aporee!!!

Your Thoughts

If you fancy a 15 minute multimedia journey into the microcosm of the Magnolia #knitsonikmittsalong, I’d love to hear your thoughts.



6 thoughts on “Magnolia Mittsalong – now on YouTube!

  1. Hi Felix
    I loved that video. I had to pause it and rush downstairs to fetch up my swatch. I bought the suggested J&S yarns, diligently following the Knitsonik process and FOUND IT REALLY HARD! It made me realise what skill and practise goes into choosing colours. I found myself resisting the pink & blueness (too cute, too babyish – Im supposed to be a grown-up), and sort of veering away from them (though I secretly like them very much) to use the khaki green and yellow green, ending up with a slightly military looking section in my swatch.
    In the end I only knitted about 4inches and gave up. When I dug my swatch out – actually – it’s NOT SO BAD!!! There’s some very darling petals, and a nice bit of leaves and petals.

    I’ve come away from this wishing I’d been more patient. Taken more time, had little breaks between sketching / charting / knitting instead of rushing it.

    It’s been a steeper learning curve than I expected, so different from my usual knitting. I hope you’ll do another, and I’ll go more steady, less bull at a gate!

    I thought your pace on the vid was about right. I enjoyed the camera lingering in close-up over the different mitts. It was good that you went through the iteration of the whole Knitsonic system, using different people’s work as illustration, I especially loved the little sketches.

  2. OK, I messed that one up. It should have said “when I can give it my full attention. But I can already say that providing us with the names of the birds we hear on the video is a BRILLIANT idea!”

    More coffee is required…

  3. Hi Felix,

    I haven’t viewed the video yet, but I will later today when I can give BRILLIANT idea! Unique and fun. Especially as I’m in the US and we don’t have some of those birds!

  4. Hi Felix,
    Watching this has totally brightened up my weekend, your enthusiasm is so great to see. I love magnolias, the colouring of those milky white blossoms always remind me of eating raspberry ripple ice-cream.

  5. I was totally involved all the way through to about the last few seconds when my mind started to wander a little. The video and sound were exceptionally well done … Overall, I’d say it is perfect and I enjoyed it very much. I’m looking forward to watching more of your work!

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