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Greetings, Comrades.

Things have been very quiet around here for two reasons. Firstly, I have been learning new skillz.

For several months I have been quietly researching how to set up my own online school; I’m envisaging a digital palace of ideas where you can study the KNITSONIK System through different tutorials and creative projects, and where I can bring together my passions for knitting stranded colourwork and working with recorded sound.

A major reason for taking the self-publishing route with my book was that it allowed me to maintain creative control of the content, and to include things that a mainstream publisher might not have allowed! (I’m looking at YOU, beaten up EDIROL R-09 and YOU, dirty old tarmac road…)…

EDDIE my affectionately nicknamed EDIROL R-09 digital sound recorder
EDDIE my affectionately nicknamed EDIROL R-09 digital sound recorder

…having investigated different options, I’ve decided to create all the lessons myself using a combination of PDF downloads, new knitting content, and high quality videos. I love teaching, and one of the most important things is being able to respond to, and learn from, students; to me it is essential that I am able to change the format of my online classes if they aren’t working, and to respond instantly and creatively to feedback from students. I’ve therefore decided to use a platform that provides a beautiful structure for lessons, but which will also allow me to present my content however I like. My plan in coming months involves developing content that you can play and replay in your own time and lessons that can be fitted in around busy lives. If you are interested in attending the KNITSONIK school, the best way to keep on top of developments is to sign up to my mailing list.

In the meantime there is much to learn about scripting; lighting; framing; cutting between different types of shots; and presenting to a camera… There are also a language or media questions regarding how much to leave to visuals; how much to leave to sound; how much to say in words; and how much to say with captions.

While I’m finding my way with all these things, YouTube is an amazing place to share my adventures with this medium. Making videos is also an amazing way to celebrate and big-up the projects and work I love. For instance, Estonian Knitting; an amazing tome produced by my friends in Estonia – the Saara Publishing House. I reviewed Estonian Knitting in the first of many FELIX LEARNS VIDEO YouTube releases. At 07:47 it’s a bit on the long side but I hope you enjoy it, and the glimpses it provides of this highly recommended book about Estonian Knitting!

Estonia is just one of several amazing European countries in which I have had the privilege to work. I feel immeasurably enriched by my exposure to Estonian knitting and culture (the same is true of my time in Ireland and Belgium) and my adventures in such places were made possible because of the freedom of movement afforded to me as a proud citizen of the European Union.

The second reason I’ve been quiet is that, like many of my much-loved friends in KNITWERLD, I voted to remain in the EU last Thursday.

Because this was a vote concerning citizenship, the referendum campaigns and results have touched deeply on core issues of identity. For me, being in the European Union was connected broadly with cherished ideals of tolerance, multiculturalism and liberalism. The victory of the LEAVE win feels like a regression to less tolerant, multicultural and liberal times… in short, it feels like the destruction of the values I hold dear.


I have much to say on all this and I shall say it on my other blog which has always been a more personal space.

If you are reading this and are one of my EU buddies, please know that I did not vote to leave.
And please know that if you are a non-UK national living in the UK, KNITSONIK WELCOMES YOU.


2 thoughts on “KNITSONIK YouTube Channel

  1. I think this is a wonderful start to your video career! Your voice is well modulated and easy to understand (for us non-Brits). You also use your lovely hands to great advantage — they are expressive, yet natural looking. Abrupt scene transitions (just a few) and focus issues have been improved greatly in the magnolia mittsalong video. Congratulations, I’m looking forward to watching more of your videos!

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing your youtube videos, I saw the periscope you did with Ysolda and it was great…..I can’t imagine anyone watching you talk and enthuse about colour and yarn without feeling inspired to want to start casting on straight away….
    Also feeling very sad about the vote, me and my boyfriend voted to stay but I know a lot of out neighbours voted out, although after talking to many of them a week later they are mostly wishing they didn’t as the campaign lies are being revealed…..

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