Coming to the end of the second print run of KNITSONIK

Greetings, Comrades.

Exactly one year ago, this happened.

The second print run arriving one year ago today!
The second print run of the KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook arriving outside our home on 22nd January, 2015. My friend Emmylou was here to help with the heavy lifting

Now, thanks to all of you who have bought the book, stocked the book and told your friends about the book, stocks are running slightly low.

The book has sold steadily since its first print run in October 2014. Happily, people are still citing it as a useful and practical guide to translating everyday inspirations into stranded colourwork, and as time goes on, more and more lovely projects appear on Ravelry inspired by the concepts and methods laid out in the book. It is very likely that I will arrange a third print run in the course of 2016. However these things take time to set up and I cannot guarantee that the book will be continuously available. I do not wish for anyone to be disappointed, so if you you have been wondering whether or not to buy a copy of my book, now is probably the time!

The KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook
The KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook

I am thrilled that so many of you seem to like the KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook and I feel particularly thankful to the amazing 447 Kickstarter backers who enabled me to produce it in the first place. Your encouragement and support got this adventure off the ground and I am thankful for it every day.


Selling and distributing the book, and teaching classes all over the UK, has given me knowledge, insights and resources to pour into new KNITSONIK adventures! I can’t wait to tell you all about the projects I’m proposing for 2016 but, in the meantime, buy my book while you can and stay tuned for more adventures in Stranded Colourwork!


Twinkle twinkle!
Twinkle twinkle!

7 thoughts on “Coming to the end of the second print run of KNITSONIK

  1. I was prompted by this post to buy your book (having been lurking for a couple of months since I discovered Wovember, and trying meanwhile to catch up on all the wonderful doings of you and your fellow designers) and it’s just fabulous. So many wonderful ideas and so much inspiration. And, as a daily commuter from Wallingford to Oxford, and a frequent traveller to Reading in the other direction at weekends, I have been especially riveted by your A4074 piece!

  2. How fantastic that you have almost sold out of the second print run! I was so excited about the book from when I first heard of the Kickstarter campaign- it was just as good as I hoped, and so pleased that loads of other people love it too!

  3. Each time I read my copy I learn something new or notice a detail that I didn’t before. As a fair isle newbie I find getting started a bit daunting. Your class was quite difficult for me yet inspiring to learn more and conquer it. Once I took the time to pour over the book (for months really) and just got started swatching….I have learned soooooo much! I now find it addicting to swatch and watch the fabric appear. I learned the most from the “gone wrong” bits of my swatch and as I do more I have more confidence to try new colors and patterns. I’ve always known it is an ART and via your book I have learned how to make it my own. Thanks for a great book and great class (Shetland Wool Week 2015).

    1. Hiya Wendy, it was great to meet you in Shetland and I am thrilled that you were not discouraged after finding my classes difficult – it’s a lot to get through in three hours! I think there is huge value in taking the ideas away and playing with them exactly as you describe. I’m so happy you’ve been able to do that and it sounds as though your ideas are coming into their own through the swatching process. Huzzah! That is wot it’s all about!!! Cannot wait to see what you make. Thank you for writing with your feedback too, I truly appreciate it. xF

  4. Hi Felicity, I received my copy the other and day and it’s just what I’ve needed to give me the confidence to make up my own, very personal, patterns. I take many, many photos of things that catch my eye when I’m out running – it can be shape, colour, form, the light, texture, concrete/tarmac, lines, clouds, anything really! I’ve alreday started forming ideas in my mind and will gradually start plotting out my designs and start swatching. I’m planning to make a cowl to begin with based on winter images and colours. I am very excited by this so thank you very much. Susie x

    1. Hi Susie, thank you for writing, it’s great to hear what happens to the books I take to the business post box each week, and hearing that the book is giving folks ideas is music to my ears! Really looking forward to seeing your lovely cowl, do share it when it’s finished. xF

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