KNITSONIK and the Instant Orchestra

Worthy is the Lamb - a section of Handel's Messiah in which sheep are mentioned
Worthy is the Lamb – a section of Handel’s Messiah in which sheep are mentioned

I am thrilled today to tell you all about a performance in which I am involved later this month in which my interests in WOOL and SOUNDS combine, and I also want to tell you how YOU can be involved! Max Reinhardt (whom UK readers may know from ‘Late Junction’ on BBC Radio 3) is instigating an exciting, participatory performance of Handel’s Messiah this WOVEMBER. The performance involves a group of comrades meeting to perform Handel’s Messiah without a rehearsal (hence why the performance is being billed as that of an “Instant Orchestra”). According to the official blurb “this is a mass participation event and we’d love you to come and play or sing in the orchestra. As in Life itself, there’s no such thing as Instant orchestra rehearsal, just rock up and let conductor (s) take you on the journey.” Fine, you say, but where do the sheep come in? GOOD QUESTION! There are many mentions of shepherds, sheep and lambs throughout Handel’s Messiah and Max has asked if I will make some special sheep soundscapes available to be downloaded and played on mobile phones at the relevant points in the performance. You can download the sounds below or directly from my soundcloud page, where you can also find information on each of the sheep soundscapes I am producing for use in this work. If you love the idea of bringing Handel’s Messiah to life with sheepy sounds but cannot attend the performance in person, please consider donating your own recordings of sheep to the cause; send any recordings you are able to make on your phone or other digital sound recording device and I will endeavour to make sure that they are incorporated into the sheepy soundscapes and that you and/or your sheep are appropriately credited.

Performance Details:
INSTANT ORCHESTRA perform Handel’s Messiah
Weston Library, Broad Street, Oxford, OX1 3BG
Fri 20 Nov 2015
Performance 8.15-10.15pm
No rehearsals of course
Doors 7.45pm

3 thoughts on “KNITSONIK and the Instant Orchestra

  1. One of my favourite things about singing along to Handel’s Messiah is bellowing the line “WE LIKE SHEEP!” at the top of my voice. However much I know that it’s really supposed to be “we, like sheep, have gone astray,” I still can’t help believing that it’s really a hymn to ovine admiration.

  2. O. M. G. Handel’s Messiah. My favorite. Wish you could be there to see Ed Polochick and his interpretation of this amazing piece of music with the Concert Artists of Baltimore.

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