KNITSONIK 09 – The Wonders of Electricity

Finally another episode of the KNITSONIK podcast – I didn’t mean to be away for so long but I’ve got a bad wrist; probably it is my old foe arthritis… so a long episode featuring lots of amazing sounds.

You can listen below or through iTunes, or by downloading directly from internet archive here.

Thanks as ever to my amazing comrade Udo Noll, creator of the wondrous aporee soundmaps and to all the aporisti who share sounds there! Here are some of the sounds from the map which I used in this show. If you click on the links you can see the locations where the sounds were recorded and read the notes left by field recordists!

radio aporee ::: maps – My friend’s Garden, Drummagh, Co. Leitrim, Ireland – Felicity Ford
radio aporee ::: maps – Voe & District Agricultural Show, Shetland Islands, UK – Felicity Ford
radio aporee ::: maps – Croft Museum, Boddam, Dunrossness, Shetland Islands, UK, – Felicity Ford
radio aporee ::: maps – Carneval, masopust – Milos@skolska…
radio aporee ::: maps – SMIP RANCH, D.R.A.P., San Mateo County, CA, USA – Norman Long
radio aporee ::: maps – Wood Thrush Dawn Chorus May 4,2008 La Farge, Wisconsin – Rob Danielson

Thanks also to comrades on for providing such amazing sounds as this wonderful wolf howl recording by Gorgoroth6669 and this amazing drum roll by bigjoedrummer.

The second print run of the KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook is here!

The Quotidian Colourwork workshop at Purlescence last week was amazing good fun; thanks so much to everyone who came and made it such a great day!

KNITSONIK workshop at Purlescence on 14th February 2015
KNITSONIK workshop at Purlescence on 14th February 2015

People knitted amazing things; here are some of the translations of everyday things into stranded colourwork created during this Quotidian Colourwork workshop:

Further KNITSONIK events and workshops;


I’ll be on the Purlescence stand today Saturday 21st February 2015 from 3 – 4pm at Unravel; that’s if any of you are listening and would like to say hi! Here’s the address.

Unravel Festival
20th – 22nd Feb 2015

Farnham Maltings
Bridge Square

Edinburgh Yarn Festival

I’ll be at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival teaching my signature Quotidian Colourwork Class on the Saturday morning; presenting the world’s first ever Ca-BAA-ret on the evening of Saturday 14th March 2015 from 6:30pm – 11:00pm; and hanging out in the Podcast Lounge on Sunday. Check this page for details on the podcast lounge!

Edinburgh Yarn Festival
14th & 15th March 2015

Edinburgh Corn Exchange
11 New Market Road
EH14 1RJ

buy tickets for the Ca-BAA-ret here

Teaching at Yarn in the City

I’ll be teaching you how to turn your everyday inspirations into stranded colourwork on Thursday 26th March 2015 from 6:20 – 9:30pm! Bring something that is important to you – a favourite sweetie wrapper, a photo of a place you love, anything which inspires you – and together we’ll explore how it can be used as a basis for amazing and personal stranded colourwork.

Quotidian Colourwork
26th March 2015

6:30 – 9:30pm
Homemade London
21 Seymour Place
W1H 58H

buy tickets for the workshop here

Event details will now additionally be listed on the knitsonik workshops and events page.

GIVEAWAY: If you are coming to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival and would like a chance to win two tickets for the Ca-baa-ret please leave a comment here telling me what you’re most looking forward to about the festival. Also, feel free to distribute my sheepy intro song far and wide throughout the land:

Bring your sounds and thoughts on sound to EYF so I can record them in the podcast lounge!

Yokes by Kate Davies

I rave about how amazing this book is with its rich, contextualising essays and mood of feminist confidence. And I talk about how much fun I had making this sweater from this book, using delicious Icelandic Lopi yarn.

Keith Moon - one of the stunning patterns in YOKES by Kate Davies
Keith Moon – one of the stunning patterns in YOKES by Kate Davies

I refer to my wonderful 1930s book about electricity as an inspiration source for my grey and yellow Keith Moon colourscheme;

Wonders of Electricity, published 1930
Wonders of Electricity, published 1930

…the book which also inspired me to knit this swatch:

Wonders of Electricity Swatch
Wonders of Electricity Swatch

I refer to this amazeballs documentary about Björk’s production of Homogenic which blew my mind when I was 19 and which still blows my mind:

I share recordings of cables, lightning, pylons and other electronic textures from around my home.

An online random number generator threw up comment no. 14, meaning that Naomi is the winner of the giveaway from the last episode of the KNITSONIK podcast. Naomi says:

My inspiration would be my brown striped tabby cat Jerry. His colors range from a beautiful cream to a very dark brown with wonderful stripes and spots. And, he is a sonic inspiration with the loudest purr I’ve ever heard which he uses often!

Congratulations Naomi, a copy of the KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook will soon be on its way to you.

I describe a scene from episode two of this TV series in which the husband tries to use authentic sound recordings in a movie soundtrack only to be shouted down by the film director.

I play out with my friend Isolde’s wind chimes mixed with the wonderful sounds of a Wood Thrush Dawn Chorus, as recorded in La Farge, Wisconisin, by Rob Danielson.


6 thoughts on “KNITSONIK 09 – The Wonders of Electricity

  1. Hi Felicity — just coming to chime in on the oddness of that coyote recording — you’ll have to come visit us in Montana — we have coyotes much of the summer down behind our vacation rental cabin. This year they had a stupendous litter, and we’ve been awakened in the night more than once by yips, barking, sounds of play, chasing bunnies and deer. There are several adults and a bunch of pups — who sound like noisy pups learning to be serious coyotes. They sound quite dog-like, but, as my sweetheart says, like very “professional canines.” We also have wolves higher up on the mountain, but we rarely hear them — we see tracks in the winter when we hike up to cut a Christmas tree, but they tend to stay higher up and out of the path of the human beings. (Also, my dog Hank got all excited by both the tinkly bells in this podcast, and the wolves).

  2. A massive shout for a paradigm where knitting and boozing can be combined! Also, many thanks for the podcast, which has eased me through many hours of darning, and in todays case, minute cross stitch.

  3. Oh, I see… you can only use recordings that don’t have copyright on them… I don’t know other places to look for that sort of thing. Oh well. 🙂

    1. Yes, sorry Terri, I wanted to find (of course) the most amazing recording of Coyotes ever, but it can be hard!

  4. I’ve heard coyotes in person and that sound you were playing was terribly distorted… I can’t believe that’s the best recording out there…

    1. I agree that the recording I found had some strange qualities – from listening carefully I think it was probably recorded from a great distance; there are lots of echoes and hiss which would account for that. I searched aporee and freesound extensively but that was the best example I could find on either site. I agree that better ones probably do exist. If you can find any better examples I shall happily include them in the podcast!

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