Adventures in Washing Up

You may remember that Kate Davies and I produced a tea towel together last year. The tea towel is back on sale in the KDD shop and it features Kate’s amazing knitwear designs illustrated by me.

KDD tea towels - knitwear designs by Kate Davies, illustrated by Felicity Ford
KDD tea towels – knitwear designs by Kate Davies, illustrated by Felicity Ford

What you may not know is that back in 2008 I produced a radio feature about doing the washing up. I was looking at ways to improve my own relationship with this resented task and found lots of solace in interviewing people about their techniques and recording the bubbles and clanks of many varied sinks. This feature was part of a radio commission and the jingle that I wrote for it was featured on Radio 4’s Question Time when a listener wrote in to ask when plastic basins began to be used as part of the daily washing-up ritual…

I have made the jingle downloadable. Like the tea towel it is best enjoyed while actually doing the washing up, because then you can add your own percussion and bubbles.

As well as the tea towel there is also a fabulous new tote bag featuring my illustrations for YOKES in the KDD online shop, and if you like the washing up jingle you can download all episodes of the radio show for which it was written here.

1 thought on “Adventures in Washing Up

  1. I think I’m one of those weird people who actually like washing up…..I find it very calming and if I’m at all stressed or panicky then the warmth of the bubbles and the action of cleaning dirty plates and dishes is just the best…it’s like my cares just dissolve away. Sometimes though, I am somewhat of a slumicky trollop (something my Nanny used to call me for my lackadaisical ways) and pile the tea things up til morning.
    Can’t wait to listen this xx

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