The Return of the KNITSONIK Blog Tour!

Back in April when I was running a Kickstarter Campaign to raise money to print the KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook I asked my amazing comrades for help. They sent me questions about the concept for the KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook and I sent them answers. Working on those pieces really helped me to clarify my ideas and to share them with the world! Now that the book is published we are reprising the Q&A format for a series of follow-up pieces with my talented wool comrades. I’m really excited about this blog tour as it means continuing the conversations we started in April and starting some new ones. Also: my amazingly talented brother Fergus Ford took more photos than we could use in the book and this second blog tour means that I can share some of those with you, such as…


…knitting from an A-road…


…finding patterns in brickwork…


…creating mitts based on a 1930s book about the workings of electricity (starting with magnetism)…


…looking with fresh eyes on everyday spaces and objects…

To see and read more you can follow the tour as it passes through the following destinations:

28th and 30th Oct – Ysolda Teague
31st Oct – Brenda Dayne
2nd Nov – Jamieson & Smith with Ella Gordon
4th Nov – Donna Druchunas
6th Nov – An Snag Breac
8th Nov – Fine Lightness
10th Nov – Perfect Weather for Spinning and Knitting with Deborah Gray
14th Nov – Deb Robson
28th Nov – Tom of Holland
30th Nov – Fyberspates
31st Nov – Editions of You with Lisa Busby
4th Dec – Lara Clements
6th Dec – Spilly Jane
8th Dec – Ella Austin
12th Dec – Susan Crawford

I hope to see you along the way!

1 thought on “The Return of the KNITSONIK Blog Tour!

  1. Hi: I just bought your book through Ravelry. I’m really excited to read it – I love your merging of place, art, knitting, and sound. I’ve been thinking hard about how to push knitted socks in the art direction, taking lots of local pictures, thinking about color, pattern, form. Your book is exactly what I needed and I love how it is pitched as an art-knitting-design book, not just patterns… Thank you! Kathy

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