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  1. I would like to buy one or both of the knitsonic books. What is the difference between the playbook and the source book? I used to be a knitter and still knit but actually do more quilting and crochet these days. However, I imagine the book or books will still be useful and inspirational. So 1) which of the books will be more useful to me? What is the difference between them
    2) How do I buy them – your site seems to be closed even though it is the 17th.

    I live in South Africa but a friend who will be visiting London next month will bring them home for me.

    1. The Sourcebook was my original book. It provides a thorough breakdown of how to translate everyday inspirations into stranded colourwork. 12 Case studies enable you to see the process in detail; each one is illustrated with essays, photos and notes that chart the course from inspiration source through to successful stranded colourwork designs.There are two garment patterns in the book. I wanted swatching and creative process to have their own space and I devoted as much space as possible to that. It’s a practical manual for starting with an everyday inspiration source and ending up with your own motifs… the idea is that you can then apply these designs to garments or accessories. This is also the basic approach underlying all my workshops.

      The Playbook is a sequel that picks off where the first book left off… it’s all about taking KNITSONIK ideas and applying them to designs to wear and use in daily life. It also incorporates many of the questions and themes that arise in my classes; it builds, if you will, on the collective knowledge and curiosity of the community of knitters who use the KNITSONIK System detailed in the Sourcebook.

      Like the first book, it offers tons of supplementary information designed to enable you in customising and personalising your stranded colourwork projects. However, unlike the first book, it does not go into depth around designing your own stranded colourwork motifs and assumes you either know how to make up your own palettes, patterns and palettes, or are happy to simply use the ones supplied along with each of the designs. (Although 6 alternate colourways are provided for the last pattern in the book: Efflorescent)!

      I spoke a little bit about the difference between the two books in this podcast on New Hampshire Knits:

      And there are reviews on Ysolda’s website and also on Kate Davies Designs which will hopefully give you further information for your comparison.

      I hope that helps you to understand how they are different and also how they are related!

      Thanks for your interest in my work,

      Very best wishes,

      Felicity Ford

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