THANK YOU and What Happens Next…

The KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook

My book shows you how to translate everyday things into stranded colourwork. This knitting book celebrates such everyday things as biscuit tins and sloes, and show you how to turn them into things you can wear and admire. It is about seeing the everyday world through a specific, knitterly lens.


The KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook shows the creative process of turning the messy, beautiful, gorgeous chaos of the world where we live into stitches which we can wear. Stitches which will remind us who we are; where we live; and why we love it.

The Kickstarter Campaign

Thanks to 447 amazing backers who pledged to make the book happen through Kickstarter, The KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook is due for publication in November 2014.


The Production Team

Tom van Deijnen will help to tech-edit the book, Nic Blackmore is working on the graphic design, and Fergus Ford – my brother – will be photographing all the knitting (he shot the Kickstarter video, so you can get some idea of the standard of photography for the book).

I will be supported in the writing by some of the most talented people I know who write and publish their own knitting books, including Donna Druchunas, who has warmly invited me to join her Stitches in Stories online writing class in support of this book. There are also a handful of swatches and some small projects to knit for the book, and yarn support from Jamieson & Smith ensures that all this tasty knitting will continue to be worked in 100% Shetland wool. Thanks to Jamieson & Smith for supporting The KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook with your amazing yarns – I love your palette and the soft, characterful hand of your jumper weight 2-ply. It is my first choice of a hand knitting yarn for a book about stranded colourwork, and underpins The KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook with inspiring, woolly foundations.


The Production Schedule

The KNITSONIK HQ will be busy between now and November! There are chapters to write, artwork to finalise and signature KNITSONIK illustrations to create in order to produce the book that so many people have made possible. Thanks to everyone who has helped to set this busy summer in motion, your support and enthusiasm add so much to the creative process.

The Blog Tour

I also want to say a word here about the incredible knitters, writers and artists who hosted the KNITSONIK blog tour while the Kickstarter campaign was live. I asked you – some of the best and most creative people I know of in the knitting world – for your help, and you sent me wonderful questions and put my answers and images on your websites. You helped me to tell the story of The KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook, and your questions helped me to think about the work in all kinds of different ways. Thank you.

Fyberspates with Jeni Hewlett
Perfect Weather for Spinning & Knitting with Deborah Gray
Cast On with Brenda Dayne
In between days with Lara Clements
Spilly Jane Knits with Jane Dupuis
Hazel Tindall
Tom of Holland with Tom van Deijnen Parts 1 and 2
The Independent Stitch with Deb Robson
Shop at The Old Fire Station
Mary Jane Mucklestone
An Snag Breac with Caroline Walshe
Fine Lightness
Kata…koob with Kait Lubja
Sheep to Shawl with Donna Druchunas
Jamieson & Smith with Ella Gordon
Editions of You with Lisa Busby
BomBella Designs with Ella Austin
Just Call me Ruby with Susan Crawford

The rest…

In other news relating to the book, I am teaching 3 Quotidian Colourwork Classes at Shetland Wool Week this October where you can learn how everyday inspirations might be turned into stranded colourwork and fondle the swatches from the book in real life! You can find those here. KNITSONIK now has a Ravelry group, so you can find me there occasionally until this book is made.


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