A Knitter’s Manifesto

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Collaborative venture between podcaster Brenda Dayne and KNITSONIKTM Director, Dr Felicity Ford, brings a fresh sound to the world of knit-related audio.

Throughout spring/summer 2011, Brenda Dayne, producer and host of Cast On, a podcast for knitters, and Felicity Ford, sound artist and feature producer for BBC Oxford, Resonance FM and Radio Reverb, teamed up to produce A Knitter’s Manifesto an independent audio release available in both downloadable digital and Limited Edition Artist CD formats on Amazon as a digital download, here.

Professionally recorded at Mwnci Studios in West Wales and mixed at home, A Knitter’s Manifesto features essays by Brenda Dayne, audio recordings made by Felicity Ford, and original music performed by guitarist, Zachary Dunlap.

Written and read by Brenda Dayne, the stories in A Knitter’s Manifesto focus on finding inspiration in the ordinary and using this to kick start the process of making. These compelling personal essays are accompanied by Dr Felicity Ford’s field recordings, which have been collected from the green Welsh countryside and sensitively arranged around Brenda’s words to lend them a sense of place.

Written and produced by knitters, for knitters, A Knitter’s Manifesto is a slow walk though changing seasons and the Welsh countryside; a handmade celebration of the pleasure to be found in making things with your hands; and an audio exploration into the links between where we live and what we make.

A Knitter’s Manifesto is available here. to download in digital format from CD Baby, iTunes and the Cast On web shop. Copies of the Limited Edition Artist Release, featuring a hand-printed sleeve and a range of handcrafted ephemera, will ship at the end of July 2011. Limited Edition Artist Releases are only available to pre-order through the Cast On web shop.

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